DJ Sheridan

DJ Sheridan is a Licensed Realtor and the Owner/Team Leader of Sheridan Property Group (SPG). DJ has personally sold over 500 homes and within the team structure more than 1,000.

Honesty, integrity, and unparalleled communication are all embedded in the core values of DJ’s day to day life, as well as in all of the working operations of the team. He knows what it takes to get his buyers the best price, and what it takes to market his sellers to get their home SOLD; while always keeping the process as stress free as possible.

As DJ likes to say, “I am hungry, I am driven, and I do what is RIGHT for the client. Even if or when that means a recommendation to not purchase a home.” Most of Sheridan Property Group business comes from client and vendor referrals, which we believe is a testament to doing business in an honorable and upstanding way. The goal with every client is to give such amazing service that they never need to look for another real estate agent again.

DJ has built the SPG team with a group of agents that share his same core values, have diverse personalities, and a variety of interests. Because each of our top-notch agents bring something unique to the table, this allows SPG to help many and all kinds of people with one of their biggest financial decisions of their lives.

Additionally, with the fast advancement in technology, if you are not keeping up you will quickly fall behind. DJ and the team continually study to keep up their knowledge of where technology in real estate is headed, always looking 5 years down the road to stay connected to the changing trends. DJ is committed to his passion for helping others, and would love an opportunity to show you how to find your next property.